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Using Your Landscape to Your Advantage

Curb appeal can be a powerful motivator for buyers when you're looking to sell your home, and is desirable for any homeowner who is proud of his or her home. Here are some tips to help you increase your home's curb appeal.

Add Some Color

Adding some colorful annuals (petunia, geranium, marigold, etc.) can add "pop" to your landscape. Annuals are also relatively inexpensive, so it's a valuable way to make your landscape look great from the

Refresh That Mulch!

Colored mulch is another awesome and economical way to make your landscape look better. The color fades over time, but it's not much more expensive than mulch that isn't dyed. Common choices are red, black and brown. Black provides a good uniform background, while red complements brick homes and contrasts sharply with green plants with an eye-popping visual effect.

Dethatch Your Lawn

A well-maintained lawn will sometimes develop a layer of dead grass clippings under the healthy grass. It’s only bad for your lawn if it gets too thick, but it’s an eyesore even when there isn't very much and makes your lawn look, well, kind of dead. Having your lawn dethatched will remove that layer of dead grass clippings.

Clean Up Your Yard

An oft-overlooked thing is simple Spring cleanup of lawns. Over the winter tree limbs break and mulch breaks down which can make an otherwise healthy landscape look downtrodden. Weeds pop up in the Spring and grow faster than your plants. A Spring cleanup should include debris removal, weeding, and a good once over to check for any impending problems with things like standing water or dead tree limbs.